Rios Straps Heritage

RIOS 1931 was founded by Oswald Riemer in 1931 and still remains a family run enterprise in its third generation. RIOS 1931 was built on the values of family, precision, and quality, offering only the finest quality watch bands crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

RIOS 1931 watch straps are handmade in Germany using carefully selected leather and skilled craftsmanship. They are thought to be the only manufacturer in the world using the traditional Swiss full-bugg* procedure, in order to ensure the highest level of quality.

The leather is still elaborately processed by hand according to the rules of traditional leather craftsmanship. A gentle treatment guarantees for eco-friendly leather products – each one representing a unique masterpiece.

At Vintage Masters we want to identify ourselves only with the best of the best. That’s why we chose to become an official retailer of RIOS 1931 straps.

Stan – Owner of Vintage Masters

Want a strap that we don’t currently stock?

In our shop you can find a selection of Rios’ strap collection. This offering will be expanded and updated very often. We are able to send you all Rios straps that are available, just send us a message and we place a personal order for you (we always give you the best price).

A small look on our current Rios collection:

*Swiss full-bugg procedure: (approx. 140 production steps)
In the production of a rembordé or full-bugg strap, the upper leather is turned around the breathable, natural cotton fleece and glued. Then the folded upper leather is glued to the lining leather as deep as the fibre so that no bacteria can enter. In the end, all components are stitched together.
The advantages: The strap is very stable, soft and very durable like a welted shoe.
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