Omega Case Material Codes

Derived from a catalogue with Omega components from 1993. This overview is aimed to bring some knowledge on Omega watch case materials to the reader. Now you know what the material codes in Omega references mean.

Omega material codes:

CodeMaterial (Metal)
ABPlatinum + yellow gold 18 ct.
BAYellow gold 18 ct.
BBRose gold 18 ct.
BCWhite gold 18 ct.
BDYellow gold 14 ct.
BFWhite gold 14 ct.
BGYellow gold 9 ct.
BJGold, Multi-coloured 18 ct.
BKGold, bezel steel
BLRose gold 9 ct.
BPRose gold 18 ct.
BRGold two-coloured 18 ct.
BTYellow gold 18 ct. + titanium
BUYellow gold 18 ct.
bezel aluminium
CDYellow gold cap 14 ct.
CERose gold cap 14 ct.
DASteel + yellow gold 18 ct.
DBSteel + rose gold 18 ct.
DCBezel white gold
18 ct. on steel
DDSteel + yellow gold 14 ct.
DESteel + rose gold 18 ct.
DFSteel + yellow gold 18 ct.
DGRose gold bezel
18 ct. on steel
DHRose gold bezel
18 ct. on steel
DLTwo-coloured plated
20M yellow
DMTwo-coloured plated
10M 1N14
DNTwo-coloured plated 10Y
1N14 steel bracelet
DPSteel, rose gold 18 ct.
DRRose gold bezel
18 ct. on steel
DSBezel yellow gold
14 ct. on steel
DXTwo-coloured plated
10M yellow
EDPlated 10M 2N18
EFPlated 10M 1N14
EXPlated 10M 1N14
FDPlated 80M yellow
FEPlated 80M pink
GDPlated 80M yellow
GFPlated 80M white
HGPlated 40M yellow
HHPlated two-coloured 40M
JDPlated 40M yellow
JEPlated 40M Rose
KDPlated 20M back
40M yellow
KFPlated 20M back
40M white
LDPlated 20M 2N18
LEPlated 20M rose
LXPlated 20M 1N14
MDPlated 20M yellow
MEPlated 20M rose
MFPlated 20M white
MKPlated 20M back
and bezel steel
MPPlated 20M two-coloured
MRChromium-plated black,
bezel 20M yellow
NDPlated 20M yellow
on steel
OAPlated 40M yellow
on steel
PAPlated 40M yellow
on steel, steelback
PEMinature clock
RPSilver plated
40M yellow
RSSilver 0.925
SCPVD grey (steel)
SEPVD yellow
SISteel + titanium
SOOxidized Steel
SRChromium-plated black
SUSteel, aluminium ring
TATitanium + gold
case and bracelet
TBTitanium + rose gold
bracelet titanium + rose gold
TDTitanium + plated 20M yellow,
brac.: titanium + pl. 10M
TETitanium + PVD yellow
+ pink gold 18 ct.
TRTitanium + pink gold
titanium bracelet
TTTitanium + palladium
titanium bracelet
TZTitanium + rose gold
bracelet: gold logo
YAHard metal yellow
YRHard metal black
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