VintageMasters was founded to revolutionize customer service in the online watch market. When buying a watch you want to get a great experience. Even when buying online. In our perspective this was missing. Great watch shops exists and great service exists, but online shops are mainly focussed on transactions and not on building relationships and providing information. We value our clients as we value our watches. Only the best treatment and service is good enough. We are here to guide you through your watch buying journey. We added extensive descriptions to all our watches. We are always ready to help, assist and inform you. We are passionate about our brand and the brands we sell. We are proud. We are VintageMasters.

Highest Dedication
to Service

Each timepiece tells its own unique story. You don’t just buy a watch, you buy the experience and privilege to wear it. We like to present ourselves not just as ordinary watch dealers but as the online place where you can see your next beautiful timepiece, get intrigued by its story and eventually buy it to be able to “own” the story it tells.

We are dedicated to provide you with the best service possible. Imagine walking into a premium jewellery store and being able to comfortably look at everything you want while having all the time in the world. At VintageMasters we want to give you that opportunity. Our sales team is ready to answer all of your questions through the communication platform of your choice. Just want to chat to us? No problem. We would love to hear your stories!

Vintage watches bring us back to times that we miss. Times where things weren’t perfect but done with love!

— Mr. Aurel Bacs


vintage Omega seamaster honeycomb 2577 service


vintage Omega Seamaster 2577 caliber 354 movement


Omega Seamaster 600 135.011 service

When we acquire a new piece for the collection, we always check the watch on its key functionalities and movement health. When they pass these tests they will be listed without performing service. When they fail these tests they will be serviced by one of our expert watchmakers. A full service is then always performed where the watch is completely disassembled and all parts are cleaned and replaced when necessary.

  • Satisfaction over Big Profits
  • Be Different
  • Be Kind
  • Give before you Take
  • Build Relationships

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